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Twitter lists on PC and mobile apps

by Jon Law, on February 26, 2014

Why Twitter Lists?

Twitter lists are an essential feature once you have followed more than about 20 people. You simply have to organise them in some meaningful way. Otherwise you simply cannot keep track of who is saying what, when.

On the desk top version of Twitter it's really simple to create your own public and private lists and also to subscribe to other people's. When you know how, it's just as simple on the iPhone and Android Twitter app. Would appreciate any feedback on the ease of use for the Blackberry version via Twitter at or

Where is that pesky Twitter list subscribe button on the Twitter Android App?

view twitter lists on android appFinding the subscribe to list button hasn't been as straightforward as I'd have liked. On the iPhone App it was straightforward. It's just there right in front of you. But, I couldn't see the same option on my own Android app. Despite searching various blogs, no one seemed to have the answer.

The heroic Lollipop Lady came to the rescue and saved the day. To see your own lists, you need to click the three vertical dots at the top left of the app's navigation bar. But to add someone to a list or create a new list, you need to go to the profile of the person you want to add. Click the cog and a drop down menu will ask if you want to Add them to a list. Click that and you will be able to add them to an existing list or create a new one.

How to create lists and subscribe to lists on PC and mobile apps

Using Twitter Lists for Networking groups like BNI Southend

For a couple of weeks now I've been trying to work out how to manage this simple chore. I've been encouraging the members of my BNI chapter to share each others stuff, particularly on Twitter as this is the platform I've been pushing the most. Of course business owners are busy and any co-operative effort simply cannot be a time burden. So what better than create a list, get everyone to subscribe so they can easily track fellow BNI members' tweets and retweet all the good stuff to their own followers. The easiest way to handle this is with your smart phone as a few minutes here and there can be used to retweet. Brilliant.

Here's the video I made for the BNI members. It's purposefully basic to ensure everyone can subscribe to the list. This is a very simple video and so should be straightforward to adapt. Watch this and you should be able to subscribe to lists easily with Twitter on a desktop PC.

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