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Twitter Tips For Business Networking Groups

by Jo Shaer, on December 20, 2013

When the membership of your business networking group starts to grow, its power can be extended if the members work together to promote each other on social media platforms like Twitter.

If you have 20 members and each member has just 100 followers on Twitter, that's 2000 people (minus any who are shared) who might find out more about businesses within your networking group.

Members need to produce the necessary tweets. But someone needs to coordinate this activity.

Twitter Tips for Business Networking Groups - Soundbites

A great way to do that is to produce soundbites relating to blog posts that have been written recently by members. Start with the title of the blog post and then add a link. Links can be shortened using bitly or, if you are using Hootsuite, as an owly link. You have about 115 characters to play with. Yes, I know a tweet is 140 characters, but you need to allow enough room to add the RT and your Twitter user name at the beginning. Many people forget to do that and lose the link off the end. That makes the tweet pretty pointless.

If you have written a blog post that is made up of a series of posts, use those to form the basis of your soundbites. Try to produce 5 or 10 for each blog post. Turn the words around to produce more. Here's a great explanation of how to produce soundbites for Twitter


It is essential to retweet. As you see the tweets of your fellow business networking group members, you have to play your part. Hover over the tweet and see the Retweet button.

How to make sure you see all the tweets and retweets of your business networking group members

The co-ordinator should create a list of all the user names of the members of your business networking group. This list will have its own URL which can be made available to other members. Just bookmark the list and look at it on a regular basis. So, when you upload and schedule a few tweets of your own, make sure you retweet some of the others on the list.

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