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Unpublish Facebook Page or Why Can't Other People See My Facebook Business Page?

by Jo Shaer, on August 15, 2013

delete facebook page delete facebook page aug 2013
It was an interesting question from a fellow web designer. He was trying to put a link from a website to the Facebook page for that business. But when he clicked the custom page link, it just showed him his own Facebook newsfeed.

When I tried to search for the business itself in Facebook's search function, I could not find it. Now that, in itself, is not unusual since Facebook's search is notoriously unreliable. It remains to be seen whether this will improve now that we have the famous Graph Search facility.

I asked whether his client was sure he had the page URL correct. The client insisted that he had and that he had 51 likes so someone must be seeing it.

This is the bit that threw me off the track. I had wondered if maybe it wasn't published but if it had likes then it must be visible.

unpublish facebook page unpublish facebook page
It later transpired that someone had pressed the unpublish button over the previous few days.

Unpublish Facebook Page

So, there you have it. If you can see your page but no one else can... you or another admin well have pressed the button which unpublishes the page. This can be an alternative to deleting the page as an interim measure if you are not sure about the future of the page.

The unpublish button is accessed via the drop down menu from Edit Page at the top of your dashboard. Select Update Settings. You will now see a series of options. Top of the page is Page Visibility. This should read Published. If you want to unpublish, click the edit button to the far right.

Then check the Unpublish Facebook Page box and save your changes.

If you unpublish your Facebook Page, any admins will still be able to see it but it will not be available to the public.


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