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Using LinkedIn For Sales

by Jo Shaer, on January 10, 2014

As well as using the advanced search feature mentioned in our How to use LinkedIn post, there are other ways of using LinkedIn for sales.

Find more people to follow

LinkedIn offer a feature called People You Have Visited in the sidebar. Below the list of faces is an option to find Similar people.

search connections on linkedin

Find more people to follow who are similar to your best connections

Go to the personal profile of your best connections.

Click on the number of connections at the bottom right of their dashboard.

This will bring up a list of all their connections.

find more connections on linkedinGo to the search box at the top right.

Add in a keyword that best describes the business of the connections you want to make.

The search function will bring up all the connections of that connection who have used that keyword in their profile - in experience or interests.

Remember, don't click Connect underneath their name - this will send out a default connection invitation. You need to personalise!

Using Your LinkedIn Company Page To Increase Sales

The question I hear most about LinkedIn Company Pages is how can I grow the number of people who are following it.

Well, you should definitely link to it from other places.

Link to your LinkedIn Company Page from your website

We've all seen the links to Facebook pages on websites. They show the little faces of our friends who have also liked that page. LinkedIn do something similar for their Company Pages (and also for personal profiles) but the LinkedIn app is not responsive so it will not work well on mobile phones. There is a small 'follow' button which is the one that the designer of our website had to use. You can see it in the sidebar.

Add your LinkedIn Company Page to your email signature

Along with all your other social media profile addresses, you can add a link to your LinkedIn Company page with an instruction about what you want people to do - Follow Us On LinkedIn.

Add links to your LinkedIn Company Page on other social media profiles

Some people link to their LinkedIn Company Page from their Twitter and Facebook accounts - especially if they do not have a website.

Promoting sales on your LinkedIn Page

On the page itself, you should make sure that your fill out the Services section with all the services and products that you offer. And request recommendations from your customers who are also on LinkedIn. Everyone is influenced by the experiences of other people - both positive and negative.

Once you've got followers, it's all about posting regular content and making sure that you link to the relevant product/service pages on your LinkedIn page or to dedicated landing pages on your website.

A stat I read said that companies who post 20 times a month on average will reach 60% of their unique audience - their followers?

These stats also said that links give you twice the engagement, images a 98% higher share rate and YouTube videos a 75% higher share rate. It's a bit like going back to the early days of Facebook.

The more you posted and the more interesting that content, the more likely it was that it would reach more of your fans.

Until the ads came of course. And, sadly, those are already starting to appear on LinkedIn. We should make the most of our free opportunities on this platform whilst we can.

I guess the important thing to remember is that, whilst your LinkedIn Company page followers may not become your customers, they can still be advocates for your business if they are sharing your content.

LinkedIn itself is now trying to encourage engagement on Company pages. Their latest advice is:

Your followers are interested in hearing what you have to say.
Plan out your posts and make each one count.

Maximize engagement:
Keep it brief: One or two sentences will do just fine
Post daily: Ensure you reach the majority of your followers
Time matters: Morning & lunchtime updates perform best
Link to great content: Share unique and interesting content
Don't do it alone: Enlist coworkers to post too


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