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What Is Engagement on Facebook?

by Jo Shaer, on May 15, 2013

engagement on facebookMany small business owners are a bit confused by the term Engagement. They hear it used all the time by social media managers but they don't understand really understand what it means.

Why Engagement Is Important

Not all of our posts get into the newsfeed and not all of our fans see everything we post. Engagement is vital because that is metric that Facebook uses to decide how often our posts will be seen and by whom. So your chances of getting your posts seen by more fans increases if you understand how Facebook views engagement.

What is Engagement on Facebook?

In fact, there are only a few specific actions that a user can take which Facebook actually views as engaging with the Page. And 'Actions' is the operative word.

  • If someone likes your page
  • If someone likes one of your posts
  • If someone shares a post
  • If someone comments on a post
  • If someone clicks on one of your ads

How Do I Get People To Engage With My Content?

What tends to happen is you like a Page and you then see posts from that Page in your newsfeed. It may be a great image or quote and you mentally note that you must remember it. And then life takes over and you get on with the rest of your day and forget all about it.

Just because you have seen it and remarked upon it in real life, Facebook does not know that. The only way it knows that you enjoyed the content is if you have taken the physical action of liking the post or sharing it or commenting on it.

If you never take any action in relation to that Page's posts, pretty soon Facebook will come to the conclusion that you DON'T LIKE what you are seeing from that Page. They will then stop showing any posts it publishes in the future in your newsfeed.

If, as a Page owner, you made a post and did not encourage the reader to take an action like sharing, liking or commenting, then people are less likely to do so.

There are stats that I quote in my High Visibility Workshop - to my shame, I cannot remember where they came from but if anyone can tell me, I will be happy to give a link.

These state that readers are:

7x more likely to share if asked to do so than if not
3x more likely to like if asked to vs not asked
3.3x more likely to comment when requested to contribute than without that encouragement

You need to encourage people to 'Click like if you agree' or ask them 'What do you think of this?' when you post a really great quote.

Make sure you ask them to share your post of an amazing image. These instructions can make a huge difference to your level of engagement.

Put calls to action into your posts so that your fans will actually do something when they see your content.

The more they physically react and respond to what you are putting out there, the more likely it is that Facebook will show them more of what they like.

For those who like stats, there is a great post here about the correlation between the PTAT (People Talking About This) figure and Engagement.

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