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What Is My PayPal Address?

by Jo Shaer, on April 1, 2013

Now some of you might snigger at that question but, in fact, over 200 people type 'What is my Paypal address' into Google every month! So, when a client asked me that same question, I thought I would provide a simple to use answer.

My client was about to be paid an affiliate commission into his Paypal account. Naturally, the payer wanted to know the address of his PayPal account so that he could set the payment in motion.

I arranged the work and then asked the client to communicate that information direct to the payer.

What is my PayPal email address?

That's when I got the plaintiff email 'What is my PayPal address? I don't want to give them all my log in information'

Correct! Doing that would give them complete access to your PayPal account and allow them to pay with your details.

What you need to do is give them the email address in which the Paypal account is set up. So, when you log in to PayPal, what is the email address that you use? This is the information that is required by any payer.

That will allow them to put your Paypal account email address as the recipient for the payment and the money will then make its way into your account.

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