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When OnlyWire Plugin Goes Wrong On Yelp and Posterous... and Twitter... and Linked In... and

by Jo Shaer, on January 5, 2012

onlywire pluginMy Posterous and Yelp accounts are full of dead links because of a problem between OnlyWire and Wordpress scheduler. I can also see the dead links going out on Twitter, which probably means that they are going onto my Linked In account as well.

The OnlyWire plugin sets things to post by default on the day that you schedule. If you decide to change the scheduled day on the blog, it seems to be impossible to stop OnlyWire from still sending out the notification and the link to all the sites on your list on that day.

Hence the dead links... because the post has not gone live on the site. I've also noticed that I have about 250 posts waiting somewhere in limbo in the Onlywire distributor where I have scheduled and then changed my mind about the date on which to publish the blog. I had to turn off the submitter and raise a ticket with their Support, who deleted the queue of unwanted posts 24 hours later.

onlywire to yelpI was a little confused when I first saw the link to Yelp on the OnlyWire list in the first place but, since I do have an account with Yelp, I thought it might set up a nice feed on my Business Page so I could spread some useful information about Local SEO. What it seems to be doing is posting links on the conversation part of the Chicago site, which is a little bizarre.

Naturally, some of the residents of that particular forum were not especially impressed to be receiving a lot of dead links... but it seems that I am unable to comment on my own thread or to contact the other members by private message.

I keep getting an error which says that Yelp is too busy for anyone to make any posts.

Anyway, I shall allow this post to go to Yelp and hope that they will accept my apologies - then I will discontinue the feed as I don't want to be associated with spam.

onlywire plugin on wordpress postsAnd, in the meantime, I have unchecked the Autopost All Articles box in the Onlywire settings and will have to ensure that I don't put my X in the Post This To OnlyWire box on each post until I am absolutely certain that I want it to go out that day - which rather messes up the whole purpose of the scheduler.

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