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Who Cares About SEO?

by Jo Shaer, on July 17, 2012

who cares about SEOMost of the time if I say SEO to a small business owner, they will look blankly at me.

And yet Search Engine Optimisation is crucial to getting new customers and there is so much information about the subject online. Some of it good, some of it less so but there is still little reason for business owners to be unaware of such an important tool in their marketing arsenal.

SEO on the Internet

According to an infographic by Spanish-based SEO service provider BlueCaribu which was published on Mashable, there are 863 million websites around the world which mention SEO and YouTube has 164,000 videos on the subject.

Every second, 3.5 people look up SEO on Google which equates to 9.1m internet users wanting to know more about the subject every month.

The stats show that of those 9.1m, 2.24m are Americans and around half of them are men aged 35-44 years old. A large proportion of those will leave in Los Angeles as it is the #1 US City searching for the term.

Are UK Business Owners Interested in SEO?

Having said that, the top nations with an interest are India, Pakistan and the Philippines with the US coming in at 4th.

The UK are some way behind at 7th, which tends to confirm my own findings.

The top search terms each month are SEO Services with 60,000, SEO Company with 49,000 and SEO Tools with 33,000. Happily Lollipop Local shows up for both of those in our town but it is an extremely competitive keyword even locally with lots of companies saying that they can perform in those areas. However, business owners should be careful when employing someone to help with their Local, Mobile and National SEO. Make sure that you take up references and see where those business themselves rank nationally for the keywords they say they are targeting. It's a good way to get a measure of their ability.

SEO on Social Media

There are 248k tweets each month about SEO and 60,194 profiles where it is mentioned in the bio. But whilst a previous graphic showing that there is least engagement on social media on a Thursday when it comes to posting on Twitter and Facebook, it turns out that that's the most popular day for looking up SEO online.

There are also 13 million blog posts that have SEO in the title, exceeding those for both Social Media and PPC.

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