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Why do I get email messages from GMail Team titled Message Left On Server?

by Jo Shaer, on January 18, 2014

At least once a month, I receive an email in my gmail account from the GMail Team titled Message Left On Server from 'Name of Business'

If I click on it, it says:

The message "Purchase Order for ****.." from **** (email address) contained a virus or a suspicious attachment. It was therefore not fetched from your account [my email address] and has been left on the server.

Message-ID: <>

If you wish to write to *, just hit reply and send * a message.


The Gmail Team

What am I supposed to do with this email from the GMail Team?

If you do know the person and are sure that Google has made a mistake, the answer is in the email. Just click on Reply and you will be able to send your message.

If it says it comes from Amazon or someone that you do know, you need to be extremely cautious. Many scoundrels set up phishing attacks in this way and Google is getting better at protecting users from these. If they are not sure, they will put it into spam. If they are not sure and they believe that there is something nasty in the message, they will not bring it down into your email account. Hence the message about leaving it on the server.

If you do not know the person or business, it is a good idea to trust Google's knowledge on this one.

Won't leaving messages on the server use up my data allowance very quickly?

Yes. When you set up gmail or Outlook to receive your email on your desktop, you should have the chance to check a box which automatically deletes messages from the server once they have been downloaded to your computer.
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However, these messages are not being downloaded, they are being left on the server and will start to use up your allowance.

How do I delete messages from my server?

In most cases, you can access your email server by typing in your domain name and then adding /webmail.

You will be asked for the email address and password you wish to access.

You will need to click on Mail to see what is in your inbox.

Check through the list of emails and see if there is anything that you want to keep. Many of the messages will be marked **Spam** but not always the ones that have been left on the server by the Gmail team.

delete messages left on server by gmail teamCheck the box next to each email that you want to delete. If it's all of them, you can put a tick in the very top most box (in the navigation bar above the list of messages) - see the arrow in the image marked 1. This will automatically check all the boxes below it.

Press delete - see the arrow in the picture marked 2.

The messages will now have a line through them.

At the top right you will see an option to Purge deleted messages - see the arrow marked 3.

Click that and all the deleted messages will disappear.

Inbox cleared.

It's probably a good idea to do this every few months anyway.

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