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Why has my Google Map listing stopped showing?

by Jo Shaer, on March 23, 2015

google four packGot a call from a business owner in Liverpool today.

He told me that he was paying a company who guaranteed him a front page ranking with his Google Map/Google Plus/Google My Business listing.

His business usually came in at position number 4 in the local pack but, over the last couple of weeks, it had disappeared off the front page.

The reason?

The Google Local pack usually showed seven listings but had suddenly changed to only showing three listings.

Hence, his business at number four was no longer showing.

I explained to him that this is the reason we never guarantee front page listings - you just cannot control what Google does!

And, with their latest algorithm updates, Google have been upsetting a lot of business owners.

Why has my Google Map listing stopped showing?

Some searches which have previously always showed seven choices are now showing four or three or only one.

Some searches are no longer showing a Google Local pack at all.

And some searches are showing businesses who have not ranked for that search term in that town for some years.

Google Local is a lottery... and has been for at least two years now.

Whilst you MUST claim your listing, you cannot guarantee that it will rank for you for all your desired search terms.

It brings home to roost yet again that you should not put all your eggs in one basket. Make sure you blog and use inbound marketing techniques to make sure your business has a chance of ranking for longer tailed search terms in organic search.

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