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Why running competitions on your Facebook page can upset your users

by Jo Shaer, on May 29, 2014

announce winners of facebook competitionsI won a prize in a Facebook competition a couple of weeks ago! Hurrah!

Sadly, I was not able to collect on the prize.

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You see, it was a Facebook competition where you had to like or comment in order to win.

So I commented.

And I won!

But, when it came to announcing the winner of the competition, they did it on their wall.

Why announcing Facebook competitions on your wall can upset your readers

Now this is perfectly acceptable in Facebook's guidelines.

However, they created a new status update to make the announcement.

This means that I did not see any notification of my win nor did I see the status update in my news feed.

The chap running the competition took the time to send me a private message. But, because we are not friends and do not have any mutual friends, his message went into my Other Inbox so I did not see it.

Didn't know you had two inboxes on Facebook? Find out more here.

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This morning, I did remember to go and check. But the prize was a ticket to an event that happened two weeks ago :(

So, what could they have done?

How to announce Facebook competitions on your wall

Well, if you are going to announce the winner of a Facebook contest on your Facebook page, you need to do it in the same status update that you ran the rest of the competition.

That way, you will be able to tag the winner IF THEY MADE A COMMENT.

If they only liked the status update, then this will not work.

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This is why it is much better to run Facebook contests that ask people to COMMENT to win!

Facebook's guidelines say you cannot share because of individual privacy settings.

Are you using Facebook effectively for business?

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