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Why You Need Adwords Training - A Poem

by Jo Shaer, on April 13, 2014

No matter what they tell you, Google's not your friend
Their goal in life is really just to make you spend spend spend
They'll send you special offers, cos you're a VIP
But it's just a clever gambit to make you bid on PPC

That's Adwords to the rest of us, us mortals who will play
A game that's rigged against us, the odds are you will pay
For the dashboard has been doctored to part you from your cash
Your Cost Per Click bid payments increasing Google's stash

£150 free adwords2

They offer you an expert to set things up for free
It seems like such a good idea to the likes of you and me
We think they've got the answers cos they've got all the fax
While the gurus call this concept the Ad Stupidity Tax

Their adverts can be brilliant in certain circumstances
But it's down to expert planning and not taking any chances
so don't go at it blindly, use a trustworthy resource
And get yourself signed up for our Adwords training course

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Keeping Tabs on Google so you don't have to

Here's Jon at the Southend BNI meeting giving his rendition of this ditty


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