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Young People And Employment

by Jo Shaer, on June 27, 2014

I really like what Ed Milliband was saying last week about changing the arrangements for Jobseeker Allowance so that it was paid to people who were training to acquire the skills to help them get a job.

However, I fear that, in practice, it will become just another poorly run scheme that doesn't help the people who need it at all.

I have personal experience of the damage that can be done by giving young people money for nothing. This way leads to a decreased self-esteem, lack of self-worth and depression.

I have personal experience and much anecdotal commentary from other parents of the waste of space that is the Job Centre.

And also personal experience of young people who are working really hard and not getting the support they need - in the form of Working Tax Credits - because they are under 25.

Giving young people the skills they need to get a job

What I really want to see is an improvement in the English and Maths skills of the people who are applying for my Apprenticeship. That's where schools should be putting their focus, not on competing with established Apprenticeship suppliers.

Our friends, ITEC Learning Technologies vented their spleen on this subject in these two Facebook status updates

Funding for Apprenticeships for SMEs

In the June/July edition of the FSB's The Voice, their special report on Lobbying tells of how they have been pressing the Government to reform Apprenticeships so they offer higher quality training in the skills young people need.

The London Policy region managed to get the Mayor of London to double the grant for taking on an apprentice in the capital and FSB Wales were able to secure a £40m package that would allow small businesses to receive a grant of up to £4,400 to put towards salary and administration costs in the first year of an apprenticeship.

And yet ITEC's blog post here talks about proposed reforms to the funding of Apprenticeships for SMEs.

The funding reforms would filter the funding via the employer rather than the colleges and training providers, meaning employers would have to fund the training up front before claiming it back, a real cash flow problem for most small businesses.

As we mentioned on this blog before, SMEs accounted for 84% of job growth but, yet again, they are the losers with this attempt to reform a system that is working well.

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