Hypocrisy In The Fire & Security Industry…

It’s become a bit of a ritual.

Every day on LinkedIn I look out for the latest Fire & Security cheap option pictures.

You know the ones. Wiring hanging out of alarm control panels. Fire extinguishers as door stops. Rusty Fire extinguishers. CCTV cameras sited in stupid places. Fire doors blocked by dart boards.

My news feed cup runneth over – it’s clear that going DIY or cheap makes you all very cross!

Hypocrisy in the Fire & Security Industry

And yet… Every week I have conversations with Fire & Security Systems companies who do the equivalent with their online marketing.

But the irony is, they expect their cheap website to work.

So how can that be? If the cheap option is so terrible in the Fire & Security industry, why on earth would it be acceptable in the digital marketing world?

Puzzled installers tell me things like:

When I dig deeper, they tell me that they have chosen to either:

  1. do their own marketing
  2. go with the cheapest marketing or website design company they could find 

Well, I don’t want to say I told you so but…

Why would you think that the cheap option is only bad in your industry…?

It’s a lot harder to show illustrations of websites gone wrong. Many businesses don’t even know that things are not working as they should.

You need to ask questions of your marketing people:

  • Shouldn’t we be higher up the results in Google?
  • Shouldn’t we be getting some visitors?
  • Why is nobody filling in the form?
  • Why isn’t the phone ringing?

Some of you do have the courage to raise the issue with the person who is doing your marketing. But so many fall for the big words and marketing jargon…

You allow yourselves to be fobbed off for one simple reason. FOMO or Fear Of Missing Out! It means you carry on paying for whatever it is that this person is doing without getting the results you crave.

It’s rather like the business owner I knew who desperately clung onto the full-page ad in a local magazine. He got nothing from the ad. No business at all. But he was loath to give it up because… he’d never get it back if he did!


Two things every good security systems marketing supplier does are… make you a marketing plan AND keep you informed on how it is going. Demand regular, clear reports that make it easy to see whether things are on the up or dead as a dodo. At Lollipop we have a weekly phone call, a monthly report and a quarterly review that back up the initial strategy and Game Plan.

But, back to the hypocrisy…

It’s an attitude of mind. 

You remember how you huffed about “getting what you pay for” in Fire and Security?

Well, there you go – it’s no different in marketing!

You believe that your own business is a responsible and reliable supplier with prices to match the value in that promise. So, why would you choose to cut corners when choosing your marketing agency?

Can Lollipop help your Fire & Security business to get more leads and sales?


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