Unlocking Growth: The Role of Fire and Security Accreditations

Fire and Security Accreditations

We saw what you did there…. Set up your own business… but choosing not to get Fire and Security Accreditations.

A lot of Fire & Security engineers set up on their own because they know they can do a better job than their current employer.

In the beginning, they get a few jobs because they can charge less than a bigger company. These happy customers start recommending them.

The newbie Fire & Security company can also take on work subcontracting for bigger organisations.

The Operations Directors love the quality of their work, reliability and their pricing so they give them more jobs to do.

This Word of Mouth works really well at generating new leads and customers. Our newbie has enough to bring on a second or even third engineer.

There’s certainly no obvious point in investing the time and money required to get an official Fire or Security Accreditation…

Until a big boy comes and takes away their lunch money!

Insurance companies insist on Fire and Security Accreditations… and you lose work!

One disgruntled business owner told us…

“We lost a customer today.

He was really happy with us but his business involves a lot of expensive equipment and his insurance company has insisted on Police Response.

We are not accredited so we cannot offer that. So he has to find a new supplier.”

But it gets worse…

BAFE’s V8, the NPCC and ‘sub-optimal’ subcontracting

If you’re subcontracting without accreditations, things could get very sticky!

There was a significant change in the August 2022 NPCC Security Systems Policy.

2.3.3 (c) Compliant companies must not sub-contract or use a non-compliant company to install or maintain a security system.

Then BAFE released V8 of their Fire Alarms Scheme document SP203-1.

Clause 15.4 caused a big uproar that required an update.

After 1 May 2024, any Fire Alarm installers who wish to remain as Sub-Contractors working for BAFE certified organisations will need to meet the full V8 criteria.

As accreditations expert, Delwyn Goodchild explains: “This will mean they either become BAFE Certified themselves, or become approved under the Certsure scheme for ECA contractors or Select Membership with “Accreditation to Technical Criteria” for “Fire Detection and Fire Alarm Systems in All Buildings”. So, join either NAPIT or the NICEIC.”

Those pesky insurance companies again causing website woes

“We don’t know how many customers we lost because they looked on the website first and saw no accreditation”

When people are told by their insurance company that they need to use a company with certain Fire and Security Accreditations. But they see none of these on your website… what are they going to do next?

Go find a website for a supplier that DOES have those accreditations.

How to make the process of getting Fire and Security Accreditations easier than you ever thought was possible

As one installer told us…

“the paperwork required for an accreditation can be manic!”

So, when we meet installers who don’t have Fire and Security Accreditations, we always refer them to Del at Hue Imbued Consultancy.

He’s a bit of legend in the industry. And he is happy to work with installers from Aberdeen to St Austell!!

Solo installers often tell him that they’re not really interested in gaining Fire and Security Accreditations as it is ‘just them’.

But some will come back after word of mouth has kicked in and there’s a greater need.

For example, one company contacted him again three years after their initial conversation to say that now might be the right time.


As the owner said, we

‘missed out on a couple of jobs where I don’t have certification.’

But he wanted help. Someone who knew what they were doing to take him through the process…

Del explained:

“Our customers are good with their hands. They’re good installers, they know what to do on a Fire or Security job. But they don’t necessarily know all the standards or have the time to write a Business Operator Manual or a Quality Management System.”

So Del takes that pain away.

And once you are accredited, opportunities start opening up

One of Del’s Suffolk-based clients called him recently to say:

“We won a really big job… would never have got it if we had not gone for the certification…”

They’ve taken on a new employee and are going from strength to strength

Fire & Security Accreditations are a powerful accessory to your installation company… but to fully reap the rewards, they must show on your website AND your website MUST be seen by the right people.

Accreditations 1, Enquiries nil

Because… You can have all the Fire and Security Accreditations in the world, but if no one knows you’re there, you won’t get enquiries.

We had a conversation with a new customer recently about exactly this. His past experience was making him think about giving up his accreditations!

“I have spent £30k on Google Ads and then all the money getting accredited.

We’ve had a couple of decent jobs in but I really need to get some traction and get more enquiries to make this pay.

I’m really struggling and probably at the point where I might let [the accreditations] run for maybe another year and then not want to renew. Just let it all go – which would be a shame.”

It definitely would be a shame! Some further digging revealed that his Google Ads had been bringing in enquiries people for whom Fire and Security Accreditations might not be so important. For example, commercial tenders who wanted a third or fourth quote to make up the numbers!

So we’re helping him to redevelop his messaging and marketing strategy. So his Fire & Security website makes him the obvious choice!

Hi-Viz in the right places… where Fire & Security accreditations matter

And another installer grumbled about the impact of accreditations. And whether they were really worth all the effort:

“No one ever tells us that they saw the accreditation on the website or are buying because of that…”

But if you don’t ask the people who are enquiring with you… how do you know they didn’t go to the NSI, SSAIB or BAFE websites and search out an accredited supplier in your area?

All three Fire and Security Accreditations websites have that functionality. If an insurance company has told a business owner or Responsible Person that a specific accreditation is required, the easiest way to find an installation company that has it AND is local is to do a search on that body’s website.

However, we’ve also heard:

“One of the reps told me that once you get your accreditation, you don’t go find the work, the work comes and finds you…”

Hmmm… It’s not quite the magic button for one simple reason. There is usually more than one Fire & Security company in any given area.

So your website still has to work hard to show why you are the no-brainer choice! But having the right accreditation is a huge booster contributing to them choosing YOU!

Every prospective commercial client is looking for the Fire & Security GOOD GUY. The kind of supplier for whom it’s all about doing the job correctly. And…

Whilst they have their accreditations, they would be doing the work to the highest standard even if they didn’t.

The truth is that your Fire and Security Accreditations and your Marketing work alongside each other. Contributing to your Fire & Security company’s growth.

A bit like Batman and Robin… But… who is Batman, Del?

If you’re already an accredited Fire & Security company that wants to get more work through the internet, book a chat with Jo

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