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Identifying Your Ideal Buyer Profile & Buyer Personas & Keeping Track of Them

by Jo Shaer, on January 31, 2017

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Many people who do Inbound Marketing get confused between Ideal Buyers and Buyer Personas - so here's a quick recap.

The ideal buyer profile defines which companies are a good fit for your product or service and helps you to exclude those who are not.

Buyer personas exemplify the different buying patterns of companies and/or people within your ideal buyer profile.

Ideal Buyer Profile and Buyer Personas

For example, the Lollipop ideal buyer profile will be manufacturing/engineering/security systems companies with 11-50 employees who turn over in excess of £1m each year.

From that ideal buyer profile, we have a list of likely businesses.

We have developed a buyer persona for manufacturing, for engineering and for security systems companies based on the job roles who are most likely to be involved with the decision to use our services. Usually this is an MD or Sales Director.

The best leads will be:

strangers (people who don't know about Lollipop yet) who match the buyer persona from our ideal buyer profile AND who are active in their buying journey.

If we've learned anything over the last few years, it's that it's really, really hard to sell a solution to someone who doesn't even know they have a problem.

Making A List... of Ideal Buyers

To identify the best ideal buyer profiles for your business, think about who your current best customers are. What type of business do you find it easiest to work with, who needs your product or service the most and, most importantly, Show Me The Money!!!   There's little point in choosing an industry type that won't help you to achieve your business growth goals.

Make a list of potential companies in a particular location or industry who fit  - this is the Target List of Ideal Buyers.

Who's Your Buyer Persona?

Manufacturers and engineers are usually looking for procurement personnel or design engineers, whilst security systems installers will be trying to identify the MDs, directors or owners of physical businesses in their area. These individuals will be in need of fire and security protection for their business but may also need advice for their personal residence.

Once you've identified your ideal buyer list AND developed your buyer persona,  go onto LinkedIn and start searching for Company Pages.  You can then view which personnel work for these companies and work out who is most likely to be your buyer persona in that company. Don't forget, you need a name for your persona!

How to keep track of your Ideal Buyers and Buyer Personas?

Many people will create a spreadsheet and save this somewhere on their computer. And promptly forget where - or sometimes that they even made a list. Their sales process is unorganised, half-hearted and half-arsed! 

It needs to be strategic, efficient and effective if you want to stand any chance of achieving your business goals of increased turnover. You need to get more new customers.

This is where Hubspot's free Sales CRM is the perfect tool!

Put the businesses on your Target List into the CRM by creating a Company entry for each one.

If you're happy that you have found a potentially good lead, create an entry in your CRM for a Contact. It should automatically link up to the Company card. 

Next, create a Deal card for that Contact and add it to the Identify column in your Deals Pipeline dashboard. 

Go through your list of contacts in your Identify column. Who looks the most likely? Give yourself a date to make contact, add it to the card and move that card into the Connect column.

Now you've got the beginning of a sales pipeline!

Are you ready to try the Hubspot CRM? 

It's free - and we've written a simple guide to help you use it. Click the image below.

free CRM

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