Are You Seeing The LinkedIn Warning About Reaching The Commercial Limit For Searches For Fire and Security Leads


If you do much prospecting on LinkedIn with a free account, you will have seen the warning that you are nearing the commercial limit for searches

No, we don’t know what the actual number of searches in any one month is that constitutes your commercial limit but, once you’ve seen that warning, you will find that your ability to search is severely restricted.

When you make a search on the platform, you will only see a few options to connect with. It can be very frustrating

Your choices?

  • Wait until your usage resets at midnight on the 1st of each calendar month; or
  • Upgrade to a premium package. In most cases, you will be offered a month’s free trial. Just remember to cancel before the end date or they will charge your credit card.

LinkedIn Premium

LinkedIn Premium has four packages with various levels of search allowed, along with other options that might prove useful.

  • Career 
  • Business
  • Sales
  • Hiring

You can see more about these by clicking here.

Why am I telling you about the LinkedIn Commercial Search limit?

Because, if you’re doing Business Development for your Fire and Security company, there are two great ways to get new leads. The second best thing you can do is use LinkedIn for outreach to companies and individuals.

The best way to get Fire and Security Leads

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