LinkedIn Commercial Limit For Searches

Following on from our announcement about the changes to LinkedIn’s Inmail offering, for 2015, LinkedIn have now created a limit for the number of searches you can make each month.  It’s called a commercial limit.

If you are a recruiter or social seller on LinkedIn who is using a free account, then the chances are that the Linkedin Commercial limit is going to affect you.linkedin_commercial_limitNo, we don’t know what the actual number of searches is that constitutes your commercial limit but these guys have been testing the system to see if they can find out.

They managed to get to 800 without hitting the limit, but did get their account restricted after 600 searches on the same day!  If you do get the warning, you can upgrade to LinkedIn Premium.

LinkedIn Premium has four packages with various levels of search allowed, along with other options that might prove useful.

Job Seeker Premium is £19.99/month 

Business Plus Premium £39.99/month (£359.88/year) 

Sales Navigator £59.99/month (£539.88 per year)

Recruiter Lite £79.95/month (£779.40 per year)

Sadly, I can’t actually tell how many searches you get with these packages.  It says you can View unlimited profiles from search results – up to 3rd degree but doesn’t specify whether that is from unlimited searches.

However, there is a work around if you do hit the limit but don’t want to go Premium.  1intelligence have created a tool that will allow you to make more LinkedIn searches here and I am indebted to Top Dog Social Media for sharing this tip.

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