2 radical reasons why you don’t need a new website


The Lollies talk to a lot of business owners who are stuck!

Your business is not growing and you come to us with sad tales of website traffic that doesn’t produce the quality enquiries you need.

Usually, you’re asking for a quote to build a new website, convinced that this is the answer…

I’m sorry to disappoint but.. simply building a new website will not guarantee that you become unstuck.

With that in mind, the questions we always ask first are:

  • Why do you think you need a new website?
  • What do you think is the matter with the one that you have?
  • What do you want visitors to do when they arrive on your site?
  • Why do you think your website visitors are not doing that?

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Battlestations! Win With The Ultimate Fire & Security Marketing Weapon

According to a report by Ibis World for 2016/17,  your Security Systems business is fighting with more than 1,950 others. But the prize is estimated to be worth just 46% of the sector’s £827m estimated value.

Why? Because the lion’s share will have been eaten up by the four largest players:

  • ADT Fire & Security;
  • G4S plc;
  • MITIE Security Ltd; and
  • Securitas Services Holdings UK Ltd

In the 21st century, it’s not enough to just turn up on the battlefield and wave a flag, you actually have to do some serious scrapping to get a piece of this lucrative pie. Sounds like it’s Battlestations!

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2 Vital Website Metrics Your Fire & Security Business Needs To Master

How fire and security installers can get more customers LP graphic.pngYou’ve just finished a great session with your board of directors and you’re buzzing over your company’s growth plans for the next three years.  

To achieve your new financial numbers, one of your Goals for the next financial year is to make your website work harder and generate double this year’s tally of COMMERCIAL customers. Because, whilst domestic burglar alarms are your bread and butter, commercial intruder or fire alarm installations with ongoing maintenance contracts are where the real money is!

12 new business customers is a big ask

Like most executives, you think that to make that happen you need to double the amount of traffic that currently visits your website.

And you’ve been down this road before… so you are anticipating the pain in your bank account as it’s attacked by rapacious web designers, PPC and SEO salesmen who will promise you the earth if you purchase their help.

But what if I told you that you could reach your goal of doubling the number of business customers that you get from your website without having to increase your website traffic at all? Continue reading “2 Vital Website Metrics Your Fire & Security Business Needs To Master”

Fake Google Reviews… and what to do about them


The only Google map  listing  enquiries that we dread are the ones that involve fake reviews.

In particular when the business owner tells us that they know it is a fake review because it was left by someone who was never actually a client of their business.

What is a fake Google review?

We had another case this week. One of our regular clients has been in business for 15 years. He has 3 massage clinics with 2 or 3 masseurs at each clinic. These have only ever received 4* and 5* reviews and usually congratulate the masseuse in question.

Then two weeks ago, he received a 1* review. As with many business owners, he took the bad feedback incredibly personally. He told me that he felt as if someone had insulted one of his children!

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3 Annoying Reasons Why Your Website Traffic Is Only Boosting Your Ego

website-traffic-boosting-ego-not-business.png6 minute read

It happened again this week. The Managing Director of a fire and security systems installer told me that he didn’t need any help with his website because it already got loads of traffic.

Sorry guys but, as he chundered on about how many people were visiting his website, I couldn’t help thinking about the proverbial “big sports car = small p***s” analogy.

Being a lady, I held my tongue and asked my default question in this scenario.

Sounds great! How many of them are turning into Leads…. or, better still, Customers?

I don’t know, I get a report every month from the guy who does my marketing. They told me I was getting lots of site visitors so I was very excited. 

Lovely… But. here’s 3 annoying reasons why those thousands of website visitors may ONLY be boosting your EGO, not your business.

1.  Spam bots and ghost traffic can’t become customers Continue reading “3 Annoying Reasons Why Your Website Traffic Is Only Boosting Your Ego”

LinkedIn Search Hacks For Fire & Security Sales – Don’t Waste Your Cash On Sales Navigator

2-new-linkedin-search-hacks.pngFurther to our post on 7 Essential Tips For Savvy Business Owners On The New LinkedIn, here’s some more in depth tips on LinkedIn’s  Advanced Search.

This option has been moved to the high end Premium packages. But all is not lost and you don’t have to upgrade immediately – it just takes a fraction longer to find your prospects.

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Publish Posts on Your Google My Business Map Listing

We’re excited to share the news of a brilliant new update from Google My Business for your map listing!

You can now create and publish posts with news of Offers or Events or Products/Services  that can be seen and clicked by people viewing your listing in Maps or on the Knowledge Panel on the right hand side of some search results.


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2 Ways Your Bad Website Design Is Killing Your Business!

A bad website design that is killing your business is a powerful hook! It should at least make you ask yourself the question.

But you may not think that you have a bad website design at all. Yours looks fa-bu-lous! It’s got a really eye-catching image and tells your customer all about what you do. How could that possibly be wrong?

Many of the business owners we talk to complain that their website isn’t generating the leads and enquiries they expect. But almost all of them fail to realise that they are suffering from bad website design

The clue is in the job title – a web designer’s specialty lies in the design of the website. Now, don’t get me wrong, the design is a critical element that provides the first WOW! when a human arrives at your site. However, a sexy website does not automatically mean it is successful at generating enquiries and customers.

In fact, a bad website design often results in no visitors and no enquiries. Read our real life examples…

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